Do Titles Matter? – Meet our Head Coach!

Do titles matter? I think most people would say yes. We have all felt smarter or more qualified than our boss at some point in our lives, so WHY then are they handing down the orders!?

A not so famous quote states “Titles DON’T matter, the one with the servants heart is the leader.” – I’m pretty sure this is a John Gordon quote although I am having trouble verifying that!

Insert Head Coach Brian Palma, from his early days renting space at the gym it was clear to everyone (except him) that Brian was a natural born leader. Not like the leaders we typically envision; authoritative decision makers of corporate America. Instead, we all came to know an individual who led by example, led through service, and always with a cheerful heart.

Brian spent 2016 as our Head Coach in training, and he was officially handed the reins in January of 2017. If you didn’t notice a huge change in his persona, or in the day to day operations at the gym, I’m not surprised. Brian isn’t one to draw unnecessary attention to himself, unless he is trying to distract you from the excruciating pain of your workout, or trying to get your blood flowing at 5:00am.

So, while titles don’t matter, I am excited to highlight the hard work Coach Palma has done this year.

What does a Head Coach do?

The Head Coach role is both technical and service oriented. This role is tasked with delivering training services and programs that have a profound and lasting impact on the lives of our members here at CrossFit 1420. Brian has focused a lot of his energy this year on the nutrition front. We have long identified nutrition as big part of helping people reach their goals and overcome the perils of modern living, and there is no one better to lead the charge than Brian.

Nutrition runs deep with Coach Palma, he first visited a dietician when he was a Junior in high school – with the goal of making the Varsity baseball team, he had the motivation he needed to make changes and knew he needed to improve his fitness to make the cut. Wisely, his mom pointed to his nutrition as the weakest link in the chain. Ultimately, that decision shaped Brian to have an untraditional style of thinking when it came to sports and fitness.

There is plenty of work done behind the scenes by Brian and the rest of our coaching staff to ensure we deliver a fitness service that has a real impact. Brian’s days stay busy organizing and developing the Coaching Staff, leading classes, delivering personal training, developing new ideas and programs, continuing his education, assessing the efficacy of past and present programs, determining facility capabilities, equipment needs, and more.
Click HERE to check out Brian’s updated bio on our website!

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