A Standard of Excellence…

At CrossFit 1420 – Our coaching staff is the life blood of our mission: to build minds, build bodies, build people, and build families.

Coaches at 1420 are tasked with being experts in their field regarding exercise science, nutrition, behavioral science, and more. And at the same time they are stewards of the values and culture that many people (both members and staff) have worked so hard to create and protect.

It is with great excitement that we announce Amanda Pickard as the newest member of our coaching staff, and the first of 3 to complete the training process! The selection and training process Amanda has gone through is designed to hold the standard of excellence at 1420, and set a new standard for coaches education and training in our industry!

Our coaches have always been a group of passionate dedicated individuals who are hungry to learn. The new training program is the culmination of this collective effort to learn and pursue excellence… The current staff has laid this foundation and each one has made significant contributions to our current model.

Last year we outlined the process we would use in the future to train a coach from start to finish; in everything from anatomy and exercise science, to our core values, our mission, our vision, and how it all plays out on a day to day basis. Then we launched the 1420 Coach Development Program…

The 1420 Coach Development Program in its entirety is laid out below… Take a look!

Coaches Theory Course: (18 Hours) – In this phase, a group of participants are seeking knowledge of the coaching and training field. 6 Hours of classroom time w/head coach. 4 Hours of shadowing a coach on the floor, and 6-8  hours of practicing leading and coaching with their peers in the group.

Internship and Mentorship: (50+ hours) – This phase is the incubator for our talented new individuals. They are paired with an experienced coach to shadow, assists, and co-coach a minimum of 50 hours of classes and 1 on 1 coaching sessions. During this time they are also required to read By The Numbers (a movement and training methodology textbook), as well as the CrossFit Level 1 Trainers Guide (a collection of the best articles from the most successful coaches in the world).

Practical Exam: 

Part 1 – By The Numbers practical exam on coaching the deadlift, back squat, strict press + 3 randomly selected movements

Part 2 – Evaluation – Coaching a class, based on the 6 elements of effective coaching and content from CTC course

Written Exam: 190 questions (not multiple choice!)

Continued Mentorship: (1-2 years) – The coaches will continue to work and learn alongside our experience coaches, who will take the time to teach and answer questions for the next 1-2 years.

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