Six Pack Summer PT2. – RX for a Healthy Life

CrossFit states that Fitness and Sickness are simply a measure of the same thing, Health. But what is Health, and how do we optimize it? There are three elements you control and one element you don’t when it comes to your overall health. The three we

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A Standard of Excellence…

At CrossFit 1420 – Our coaching staff is the life blood of our mission: to build minds, build bodies, build people, and build families. Coaches at 1420 are tasked with being experts in their field regarding exercise science, nutrition, behavioral science,

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Do Titles Matter? – Meet our Head Coach!

Do titles matter? I think most people would say yes. We have all felt smarter or more qualified than our boss at some point in our lives, so WHY then are they handing down the orders!? A not so famous quote states “Titles DON’T matter, the one with the

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